Bundler Version 0.4 (Binaries for Windows/Linux and Sources)

The sources and binaries are released under GPL licence.

Original Source code of Bundler 0.4 could be downloaded here.

Download :

Bundler 0.4 Source + CMake Build System (compatible for windows/Linux/Mac). Include Pre-compiled binaries for windows.

This package is included in the OpenSourcePhotogrammetry Package.




Point cloud computed with PMVS2 and triangulated under MeshLab (BallPivoting)

A special thanks to :

Alexandre Leroy for beta testing.

Kai Ni for make the code and cmake run on Mac !.

A few results obtained from various dataset(Bundler ET, Bundler Kermit) Bundler + pmvs2:

Notes :

- Add a CMake Build system.

- Update cminpack to the last version.


Pierre Moulon

Alexandre Leroy



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