CMVS + genOption + PMVS2:

Clustering Views for Multi-view Stereo (CMVS)

This page gives details about the windows port of Yasutaka Furukawa software :

The sources and binary are released under GPL licence.

Original Furukawa GPL sources could be downloaded from here.

Download :

CMVS/PMVS Source + CMake Build System (compatible for windows/Linux/Mac). Include Pre-compiled binaries for windows.

This package is included in the OpenSourcePhotogrammetry Package.

A special thanks to Alexandre Leroy for beta testing.

A few results obtained from various dataset (PMVS2 hall, Bundler Kermit )


If you are interested in a chain in order to launch Bundler + Dense Point Cloud computation via CMVS/PPMVS look the OpenSourcePhotogrammetry Package:

This package is included in the OpenSourcePhotogrammetry Package.

Notes :

Local modification to compile and run on windows (32 bits version) :

- Static array with dynamic value are not accepted by microsoft VS 2008 compiler.

- Use jpeg/gsl/pthread/blas/lapack/f2c/Graclus1.2 precompiled library. (Create Graclus VisualStudio project files).

- iterator.begin()-1 could crash on windows stl.

- Optimize a little bit the JPEG loading.

- Fix for M_PI on windows.

- Fix out of size array access.

- Fix timing issues.

Comments "// Pierre Moulon" or // PM in the code show some of the modifications.

Additional notes (Known issues):

The PMVS2 binary could crash because of too large memory allocation if you use many images. Use resonable sized dataset. You can now choose the number of images per cluster according your ram size and handle larger dataset !


Pierre Moulon

Alexandre Leroy



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